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I am hoping you will find my site to be educational and fun, as well as informative by raising awareness of all the important issues such as animal cruelty and puppy mills. Proper pet care and spaying and neutering your animals ranks high in importance if we want to at a minimum, slow down the overpopulation of animals. I understand some of the content may be graffic and hard to read, but if we just close our eyes to the reality that surrounds us, we will never be successful in our fight for animal rights.

Please join me in this fight. If there is a particular topic or animal that I have not covered, write to me and I will do my best to find this information for you.

My site offers many opportunities for my visitors to find quality pet supplies from name brand merchants such as PETCO, PetSmart, Amazon.com and PetCareRX. When you buy online you can almost always find the same products in the stores BUT FOR MUCH LOWER PRICES, and many of the merchants offer free shipping with your order. If you like a particular merchant but can't find them on my site, write to me with their website address and I will do my best to get them added to my site.

My Choosing Your Pet section presents how to decide what the best pet fit would be for you, your family and your living arrangements. Topics covered are things to consider when choosing a pet, how much pet supplies cost, how much time you have to devote to a pet, whether you have children and what animals fit best with children, and I will propose some questions for you to consider before you make a commitment to a pet.

On the Adopt Today page read an important story about puppy mills and you will understand why it is so important to never buy your puppy from a pet store, unless the pet store is doing so through a rescue or adoption agency. Otherwise, you can be sure the puppy came from a mill. I will also discuss the importance of ensuring your dog get enough exercise and has ample space available for him, depending on the size of the dog.

Visit my Feline Friends page to learn about choosing between a kitten or an adult cat, tips for keeping an adult cat healthy, deciding if you should keep your cat indoors or out, and why you should never declaw your cat.

In the Pet Care page I will highlight articles ranging from the importance of Spaying and Neutering your pet,grooming your pets, what pet products are available for grooming your pet,and preventing fleas and ticks, to what the best environment is for your pet and how to keep your pet active and entertained.

Visit the Animal Rescue page where I talk about different ways you can contribute to rescuing homeless animals, and what to do if you are interested in adopting, and most importantly, the best place to go to adopt your pets. Additionally, I will take a look at using a pet sitter and how to choose the right sitter for you and your pet.

Take a look at the End Animal Cruelty page where you will learn about the reality that exists today regarding abusing animals. It is an unfortunate reality but a story that needs to be told. We have to educate people of what is really happening and how you can get involved to help prevent animal cruelty.

If your beloved pet has recently passed away, visit my Pet Loss page to gain some insight for how to best deal with your loss.

Choosing Your Pet and Finding the Right Fit for You and Your Family
Things to consider when choosing your pet such as what kind of pet supplies will be needed, time and financial responsibilites, whether or not you have children, and what your living arrangements are.
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Locate and find pet supplies for your dogs as well as information to provide the best care for your dog
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Birds, Pet Supplies, Products, and Information for your Birds
Rabbits and Supplies and Information for Caring for Your Rabbit
Locate and find information on rabbits and pet supplies as well as information to provide the best care for your rabbit
Pet Sitters - What you Should Look For
Lean what to look for in when searching for pet sitters.
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Pet Adoption Information
Learn about pet adoption and how you can save a life today
Animal Cruetly and Abuse Can be Prevented, See How You Can Help
Although hard to hear or read about, Animal Cruetly and abuse is common. Learn how you can help protect innocent animals
Animal Rescue Information
Find information regarding animal rescue and how you can help
Pet Care and Supplies
Find Pet Care Supplies and information for grooming your pet, along with links to quality merchant sites and helpful articles to help care for your pet
Pet Name Tags are a Must!
Find Out Why it is so Important to Use Pet Name Tags
Fun Facts For Pets All Types of Animals
Visit here for to learn some fun facts for pets about a variety of dfferent animals
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Overcoming Pet Loss
Learn how to overcome pet loss and say good-bye to your pets while still preserving precious memories
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