Animal Cruetly is Against the Law!

Educational Pointers on How to Stop Animal Cruelty

Accounts fill the news daily about homeless animals, abused animals, corrupt breeders and other forms of animal cruelty . It's heartbreaking and frustrating, but exactly what can you, one lone animal lover do about it? A good deal, as it turns out. By getting involved you can save the lives of animals which will help prevent abuse to more animals. And who knows what kind of trend will be started by merely getting involved. You could have the next important idea in protecting against animal cruelty. The animals need you, won't you join the fight? Here are some small things you can do in the anti-animal cruelty movement.

Love Your Pets. Animal Planet is filled with shows about people today whose hearts are in the right places when it comes to animals and their pets, but who are so horribly off base on it that it is frightening. From Animal Hoarders” to “The Pit Boss” to “It’s Me or The Dog”, the channel is filled with glimpses in to the plights animals endure after being looked after by people who have not taken enough time to educate themselves on the proper care of their pet. Animals require structure and exercise as much as they need affection and love. Motivate people you encounter to educate them about the proper way to care for the animals they keep as pets.

Volunteer with local shelters and rescue groups. We're all busy and time is precious, but so is life and by volunteering for even just a few hours on a monthly basis at an animal shelter or with a rescue group, you are making an untold effect on the welfare of those animals. Dogs and cats in shelters can be scared and confused and this can result in a loss of their socialization. Pets that exhibit an absence of social skills are regularly passed over for adoption. By going to and volunteering in the shelter, you are making a positive impact on the dogs and cats abilities to obtain loving and suitable new homes.

Rescue groups often are in need of help. Your help may be used in many different ways. Pets frequently need transport to adoption events, they require minders while at the event and the group needs someone to connect to future owners and do home visits. Again, only a few hours monthly can produce a big impact in the fight against homeless animals and abused animals.

Educate Yourself and Get Involved. Local, state and federal governments across the country are taking steps to legislate against animal cruelty. Get involved in the grassroots movement. From no kill shelters to harder punitive measures for those who abuse animals - there are lots of causes to throw your support and passion behind. The starting point in preventing and stopping animal cruelty is to believe that it is a fight worth fighting. Your involvement and the people you may bring to the cause help animals live cruelty free lives. Together we can all make a difference.

Article by: Ryan Nassbridges

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Animal Abuse has many victims