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Yakutian Dog

Yakutian Hachiko in bitter vigil for dead mate

A stray dog in Russia’s Far East stood on guard beside his dead mate in biting cold for over two weeks. The “Yakutian Hachiko” tried to warm her up with his own body.

The two stray dogs had been guarding local garages until one of them was allegedly poisoned. The other refused to leave his dead pal’s side even when the temperature dropped to -50 degrees Celsius.

He was nicknamed the "Yakutian Hachiko" after a Japanese dog remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his dead owner, waiting for him at a train station for seven years.

After the story was posted online, Yakutian animal lovers started bringing food to the dog. Later, they decided to take him to a shelter until new owners could be found, fearing he might die of cold.

However, after only a few hours, “Hachiko” broke free, pulling out a metal net barrier complete with nails. He was later found at the same very spot, beside his frozen mate, far from his temporary shelter.

Local residents then abandoned attempts to re-home the dog and built a warm kennel at the site. And buried his husky pal. Soon afterwards, the dog started a slow recovery. He is now eating normally and plays eagerly with local puppies.

Meanwhile, a woman from Koeln (Cologne) in Germany has posted on a forum offering to adopt the dog after reading about his astonishing loyalty.

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