Pet Sitters - Who Should you Trust to Watch your Pets While you are Away?

Using a Pet Sitter

Do you have a pet? Can you take care of it, day in and day out? For many pet owners this is an impossibility. They have to leave their pets for work or for some other reason. But pets can't take care of themselves. Some pet owners take their pets to a kennel. But this can be very stressful for a pet.

Many pets don't like traveling in a car daily. Or they are hit by separation anxiety. Other pet owners hire pet sitters . Pet sitters take care of the pet when the owner is away. They feed the pet. They make sure that the water is clean. They make sure that the pet has exercise. Pet sitters won't subject a pet from separation anxiety or the stress of travel. They are, in some ways, better for the pet. But where can you find one? The greatest problem is finding a pet sitter that you can trust. Try finding a reliable one through your friends, family or co-workers.

Referrals from trusted people are valuable because they probably know the character of the sitter that they refer. Check for sitters in the local newspaper, community centers and other places that cater to your area. The Internet can also be valuable tool for its ability to search for anything.

A proper pet sitter will be insured. This is important because it protects you and it also protects them. Good sitters will be ready with references to allay your fears. Call their clients in order to test their trustworthiness. Make sure that the pet sitter has a history of good honest work. You will be trusting them with the care of your beloved pet.

A good sitter will be able to answer all of your questions with ease. Interview them thoroughly. Ask questions that will help you decide their worth. Ask his or her response in an emergency. Be prepared to give a question that proposes a good challenge. Remember to add situations that are also completely normal and mundane, like what if they lost control of your pet?

Pet sitters are always willing to meet the pet owner in order to consult and take each other’s measure. Make sure to bring up your pet's particular issues but a good pet sitter will bring it up first. It will be good for him to meet your pet then and see if they click. By all means let them take a walk with each other. It's the only way to sense if they will suit.

If you are satisfied with your sitter, prepare for him a list of emergency numbers that he can contact. Your work and cell numbers should top that list. It would also be good if he knew the numbers for your vet, the nearest pet hospital, and poison control.

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