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Come join in the fun and share your pet stories with me and everyone else. Tell us your storie about how you adopted your last pet, or how you rescued your dog, cat, rabbit, or ferret. Upload your favorite pet photos, and yes, tell us also about your horror stories so we are sure not to repeat them.

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Lets talk about our amazing pets and amazing animals. You won't find any drama here, just pets and animals!

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Do you have a great story you would like to share about your pet? It can be anything you want, from your last adoption or rescue experience, to your funniest pet photo, to your customer service nightmare. We want to hear about it, so Share it!

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Guinea Pig Love 
By Jeannette Gardner (March, 2012) I never really knew how smart guinea pigs are, and that they can actually have you wrapped around their little finger …

I lost my best friend today 
Today I had to lay to rest my best friend of 15 years, my sweet Clarence. Clarence was unique in many ways. He talked like no other cat I have ever know. …

Trixie Sun-The Crouching Tiger 
I met him but only from afar, it was from my back porch. He would not come around so I started leaving food in the back corner of the yard where he would …

Zoey Comes Home 
Zoey was from a litter of 8 kittens and the sole survivor. Her mother was a stray cat that some children living in foster care were feeding. One of the …

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One of my viewers wrote to me about this epidemic that is happening to many of our beloved pets. Don't allow your animal to be the next victim. See news stories in the links below for more information

Flea and Tick Medicine for Animals Warning

Amazing Tillman

Now this is a real "Cat and Mouse" story

Here are a couple "Simons Cat" animated videos I think you will enjoy

“Let Me In”

“TV Dinner”

Check out this "Spa Day" video found on You Tube; cat lovers will enjoy this

A Friend posted this on Facebook - It's Hilarious!

Talk About Spoiling your Cat!

Mischievious Cat