Rabbits Can be Great Pets


Why you Need a Rabbit Playpen

When you have a pet rabbit, you want to have the best life for it and help it live a long life. Rabbits are very much like humans because they love the company and they love to play, so you want to keep your bunny close by. You should choose to have a rabbit playpen.

What a lot of people do is have an indoor playpen for their pet. After all, dogs, cats, and hamsters are indoors so why not your beloved rabbit?

If you have decided that you’re going to buy a Rabbit Playpen , then you should look into the different ranges that you can get. There are some with a floor and a lid if you have a cheeky rabbit that likes to jump out and escape. Also the flooring is much easier to clean.

The rabbit playpen can be taken outside for an outdoor experience for your pet as you don't want it in all the time as it would be unfair. Bunnies are very easy to train so you will be able to have a litter tray for it once it has the idea of using it.

The question is what type of playpen is that you want? Do you want a wooden one, plastic or metal? Any color in particular? As they come in a range of different colors too. The next question is how large an area you have for your pet to run whether it's indoors or out.

If you have your bunny outside in the summer your best is to have a lid for your playpen for two reasons. First reason is to protect your bunny from foxes and stray animals that may want to eat your bunny and second, you want to protect your bunny from the sun. Rabbits have been known to get heat stroke as their fur is thick and they will get hot very quickly.

There are so many playpens that you can get your bunny, even a fold away one that you can travel with so don't feel that your bunny has to be left behind. You’re covered on that point; your bunny can go with you.

Before you buy, see what space you have, check to see how your bunny is. If your bunny likes to kick about and be a busy bunny biting things then you may want to go for metal or a hard thick plastic. If your bunny is more calm and easy going, then you can go for the wooden playpen.

You don't want your bunny to hurt itself because you have made the wrong decision. Make the right choice and do your homework. Having a pet rabbit has really changed the way I view accessories that rabbits need. An indoor rabbit cage is just the thing to keep my rabbit happy. Using a bunny cage is the ideal rabbit accessory to keep your bunny healthy.

Article by: Karyn Kippen.

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