I lost my best friend today

by Janell

Today I had to lay to rest my best friend of 15 years, my sweet Clarence. Clarence was unique in many ways. He talked like no other cat I have ever know. My days were filled with conversations with Clarence which is one of the reasons his death will be so hard on me; the silence is deafening.

Clarence loved water. How many cats can you say that about? He didn't just want to drink from his bowl on the floor, he insisted that his water come either from a running faucet or hose or in a drinking glass with ice. Who wants tepid water, right?
Clarence, even though he was a male with wandering instincts, rarely ever left his yard. He loved to sit in the front yard in one of his many 'beds' that I had for him, just watching everyone and everything as if he were watching over me and protecting me or warning me of any uncertainties.
Clarence was incredibly sweet. He loved to sit on my lap and have his belly rubbed while I told him how much I loved him and how sweet he was. Boy, did he lap up all this lovin'. He slept with me every night right by my side and in the morning when 'he' wanted to get up, he would wake me with constant crying and poking me gently with his paws. He wanted his morning drink of water!
God Bless you sweet Clarence, I will miss you more than you know.

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