Trixie Sun-The Crouching Tiger

by Glenda
(Tacoma, Wa)

I met him but only from afar, it was from my back porch. He would not come around so I started leaving food in the back corner of the yard where he would feel comfortable eating with a little distance between us. I gradually moved the bowl closer towards the porch, where he eventually ate with me inside and he on the opposite side of the sliding glass door. I immediately called him Trixie and he seemed to like it. He just looked like a Trixie so it stuck. I would greet him with food and water and he would eat and drink. We became friends and soon after he became my cat.

I favored him from day one because I knew he was special. He had human like characteristics – for example he loved to cook with me & he would comfort me when I was sad just like a best friend would. Trixie was transformed from a rough and tough stray to momma’s boy! He provided me joy in my life and I provided him with anything he wanted.

I gave him a lot of nicknames… Crouching Tiger Hidden Kitten because when he was wild he would get up on his back legs and swatch you with his front paws which where sharp! I used to say “do Kung Fu”. Then there was Talks a lot Chocolate because of his constant chatter… and there are a few more but Trixiesun being his Chinese name and Beautiful Mocha Color being his everyday name.

I had only had him for a while before I learned that Trixie was ill. He had Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a fatal incurable disease. When I found this out, I was obviously heartbroken that
my friend would not live a full life. So I made the decision to give him the best life possible with the time he had left (which was unknown). I spoiled him rotten! He loved it when I’d make him chicken! I would cook it and he would cry and tell me he wanted some. I’d take it right out of the pan, cool it and give it to him on the floor as I cooked. He loved being in the kitchen with me as I cooked.

He gave me so much joy, so I gave it right back. He knew he could get away with anything but he wasn’t sure why because I never told him he was sick. I just loved him and gave him anything his heart desired. His life was going to be short, but it was going to be grand. It was ridiculous how I spoiled him but I loved him and he deserved it. When I found him he was anti- social, afraid and defensive.

My story is proof that if you show an abused animal love, sometimes you can have a happy ending. Even though my cat died at the young age of 7, he lived a good life considering if we had not met, he would not have lived very long at all, and he would have died alone. If you ever have the opportunity to save a cat or dog from the street, do yourself a favor and help that animal. The gratitude and bond is amazing. Love a stray every day….

The moral to the story: Pets are not disposable; keep your pet for life. Spay and Neuter, and be good to your pet! They will love you till the end.

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