Zoey Comes Home

by Janell
(Camarillo, Ca)

Zoey as a Kitten

Zoey as a Kitten

Zoey as a Kitten Zoey all Grown Up

Zoey was from a litter of 8 kittens and the sole survivor. Her mother was a stray cat that some children living in foster care were feeding. One of the neighbors did not like the cat hanging around because she 'did her business' in her yard. The neighbor found out that foster children are not allowed to have pets because if they are moved frequently the pets may not be acceptable in their next home, so the neighbor called the authorities to have the cat picked up (not knowin she was pregnant at the time). By the time the animal control people arrived, the mother cat was in labor. Witness' say one of the animal control people said "lets give her one shot so we can kill'em all at the same time". The mother cat was scared and began to run, dropping her kittens along the way. 5 kittens died instantly, two more lived for two weeks, and Zoey was the sole survivor! After hearing that story from the rescue agent I knew I had to take her home, sight unseen. Zoey was a beautiful 'mommy's girl'. Zoey has since passed, but she gave me 13 wonderful years of love and devotion and she also taught me great lessons about trust. I don't know if it is possible that Zoey remembered her tramatic birth, but she was incredibly scittish from the time I brought her home. But, if something were scaring here, if she heard me say "it's okay Zoey", she immediately would relax. That is trust at its finest!

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